Pre-Event Survey Questionnaire

We appreciate your participation in providing the information below.  Your time and experience will contribute to the customization of a successful training program and coaching session (if applicable to your seminar registration).

Company Name
Street Address
City , State Zipcode
Decision Maker Name
Number of Years in Business
Decision Maker Telephone # xxx-xxx-xxxx
Decision Maker Email

What Services do you offer? (check all that apply)
Guard & Patrol Services - ArmedGuard & Patrol Services - UnarmedInvestigations/Executive ProtectionSecurity ConsultantsTraining

What is your service reach?
National service providerStatewide service providerLocal service provider

What industry do you have 3 or more years of experience? (check all that apply)
Property ManagementSpecial EventsEducational InstitutionsRetail StoresUtilityTransportationSupply ChainsManufacturingEntertainmentBankingHospital/HealthcareApartments/CondosConstruction SitesGated CommunitiesHotels/MotelsParking GaragesShopping MallsAuto DealershipsOthers

Do you have an in-house sales and marketing staff? YesNo
How many Cold Calls do you make each day?
How many appointments are you getting each week?
How many meetings/appointments are you converting into sales?
What is the annual salary for your sales person?

What CRM software do you currently use? Sales ForceACTNone
Other (describe)

Would you like to learn how to reduce your in-house sales and marketing cost?
Would you like to learn how to increase your number of qualified leads and sales opportunities?
Would you like to learn how to get appointments and close sales?
Would you like to learn how to increase your profits and sales margins?
Would you like to learn how to reach a larger audience of buyers of your service(s)?
In which category does your Company annual revenue last year best fit?
Below $99,000$100,000 - $499,000$500,000 - $999,000$1,000,000+

Average hourly guard billing rate $
Total number of weekly guard hours billed $

How many hours of guard services sales would you like to acquire over the next 90 – 120 days?
Under 80 HPW80 – 168 HPW168 – 336 HPW336 – 504 HPW504 – 672 HPW672 – 840 HPW840 – 1008 HPW1008+ HPW

How many business opportunities were lost during the past 12 months due to lack of resources,
lack of experience, lack of manpower and inability to provide services?

Average 1 lost opportunity per weekAverage 2 lost opportunities per weekAverage 3 lost opportunities per weekAverage 4 or more lost opportunities per week

The main reason my Security Guard & Patrol Company lost business opportunities was
because of:

Would you like to learn more about how GASQ's referral program can help grow your business in
sales and revenue?

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